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IoT and the development of Industry 4.0 is urging industry experts to take advantage of the streamlined processes, data retrieval, and analytic

An Intro to Potential Applications Entering the Metaverse The next stage of the Internet, the metaverse is the concept of a virtual

Optimizing the Restaurant Industry with IoT Today, all kinds of industries are adopting IoT technologies to streamline and strengthen their operations. In

Fleet management systems are currently undergoing numerous transformations to revolutionize the industry thanks to the continuing implementation of IoT technology. With fleet

Manufacturing Revolution? The growing effects of IoT on process automation and industrial industries is resulting in a manufacturing revolution that’s recently been

  IoT Cargo Monitoring Developments in IoT technologies, augmented reality, and virtual reality are affecting cargo monitoring for the better. These transformative

Introduction to the Economy of Things   What Is EoT? The Economy of Things (EoT) is a term used to describe the

Promoting the Digital Nomad Lifestyle with the right Mobile tools! More and more members of the workforce and self-starters are diving into

Small town, local feeling to purchasing IOT Mobile data services. Dealing with a local service provider you get personalized service, support and pricing

When we hear about buying local, it’s usually associated with locally-grown produce, or locally-fabricated textiles or other goods. Today let’s talk about

Case Study: New Business revenue for GPS resellers   Through a partnership with Evolution Data, a few large GPS resellers we work

  Evolution Data is looking for partners to work with who are interesting in selling SIM cards in the IoT market. The

  Staying connected at sea is more important now than ever before. There are an abundance1,2 of motivations to keep your vessel

In the world of IoT (the Internet of Things), there are many opportunities to reduce organizational costs that arise in the day-to-day

Whether you’re a start-up, an emerging business, or an established company, finding a reliable connectivity partner that suits your specific needs is

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