Mobile Hardware and Sourcing

We provide you with all your mobile hardware needs, seamlessly from start to finish. Simply consult with our team to determine the optimal solutions for your business, and we take care of the rest so that you can focus on what it is that you do best.

Experienced & Prestigious

Meeting Your Needs from Start to Finish

Our team remains constantly up to date with the latest mobile hardware technologies and deployment methods to best serve you and your business.

Mobile device Management

Authorized UEM Provider

We have deployed 1000s of devices for clients on various Consumer devices from iPhones /iPads to Samsung phones and tablets.

To offer the best fit for our clients we offer 2 distinct solutions for Mobile device management;  fully managed or self-serve. 

We manage & maintain

While you work out what really drives your business

Using our experience and expertise in building policies, adding apps, and securing devices we wil purchase, manage and maintain your MDM connected devices from our control platform and you can focus on your business.

Locked down Kiosk mode, Limited access tablets for GEOTAB truck drivers or secure devices for data collection reps, we can load, secure, and deploy in almost any situation.   

Let us find the best IOT Hardware

We can find, procure, manage, and stage all IoT devices including modems, sensors, and more on your behalf.

What sets Evolution Data apart

Not only do we aid you in deciding on and implementing new devices for your company, but we help you to dispose of your older tech, too. Once your new devices have been deployed and your old ones have become obsolete, we will guide you through the disposition or recycling of your previous devices according to your preferences.

Enterprise hardware

We can facilitate customer rollouts when applicable, helping our clients to prepare and execute their deployments in a seamless manner on time and on budget.

Our full staging centre allows us to efficiently help setup your chosen devices, eliminating the need to engage extra staff, learn new procedures and worry about kitting products before it reaches end users. We can also test and QC hundreds of devices in a brief period, ensuring that they are ready and fully functional for deployment.

Our sourcing reach is global

The tech solutions we offer to your company are not limited by your geographical location (or ours). We utilize our reach to different regions and countries to determine the absolute best options for your business, which we then implement into the solutions we provide you.

Hardware Relationships that Benefit Your Business

When you partner with Evolution Data, you instantly gain access to all the relationships that we have cultivated with other reputable tech products and service providers. 

experienced device experts

An Experienced Team with the Skills to Match

Having succeeded in procuring and preparing thousands of customer devices in rollouts around the world.

We have successfully rolled out devices from companies such as Apple, Samsung, LG etc., using native configuration tools like Apple Configurator, Apple Business manager and Android Enterprise.