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IOT Automation in the Office

Challenge: Taking on the challenge of enhancing energy efficiency with heating and cooling and to demonstrate capabilities, we partnered with our suppliers to address inefficiencies in lighting, temperature control, and overall energy consumption. 

Solution: Evolution Data implemented a comprehensive IoT solution to automate key aspects of the office environment using LORAWAN and other technologies. This included automated blinds, motionsensing lights, fans on/off and door open/close automation. Additionally, Amazon Alexa integration allowed for voice-controlled automation, offering employees an intuitive way to manage large workspace.

The integration of IoT sensors and smart automation resulted in several advantages:

 1. Optimized Energy Usage: The office experienced significant reductions in energy consumption through smart blinds, motion-sensing lights, and optimized heating and cooling systems. 

2. Enhanced Comfort and Productivity: The automated systems not only improved energy efficiency but also elevated the overall workplace experience, positively impacting employee comfort and productivity. 

3. Cost Savings: By eliminating unnecessary energy usage during unoccupied hours, the office realized substantial cost savings in utility bills.

Evolution Data’s IoT solution transformed the office into a more energy-efficient, comfortable, and technologically advanced workspace, laying the foundation for sustainability and intelligent office environments. 

This case showcases the positive impact of Evolution Data’s IoT solutions, successfully addressing the challenge of optimizing energy usage in the office. The integration of smart technologies not only improved efficiency but also elevated the overall workplace experience. 

Revolutionizing waste management

Using IOT to Optimize Waste Disposal in Milton

Challenges: The Town of Milton grappled with persistent issues of overflowing waste bins in local parks and high-traffic areas, impacting the cleanliness of public spaces and requiring frequent, often inefficient, waste collection visits.

Solution: Evolution Data proposed an innovative solution leveraging IoT sensors on the LoRaWAN network. Strategically placed in waste bins, these sensors provided real-time measurements of fill levels and triggered notifications when bins approached full capacity.

The implementation of IoT sensors led to a range of benefits for the Town of Milton: 

1. Efficient Waste Collection: By deploying sensors, waste collection became more efficient and targeted. Collection teams were dispatched precisely when bins reached near-full levels, reducing unnecessary pickups and optimizing resource allocation. 

2. Cleaner Visual Aesthetics: Overflowing bins became a thing of the past, contributing to cleaner and visually appealing public spaces. The proactive waste management approach improved the overall aesthetics of Milton, enhancing satisfaction among residents and visitors. 

3. Smart Environmental Management: Beyond immediate visual improvements, the IoTenabled system demonstrated a commitment to smart environmental practices. The optimized waste collection reduced vehicle emissions and fuel consumption associated with frequent pickups, aligning with sustainable waste management goals. 

The Town of Milton experienced a transformative shift in waste management. Operational costs were significantly reduced, and the town’s visual appeal improved. The efficient use of resources and the positive environmental impact established Milton as a forward-thinking municipality. 

Evolution Data’s IoT-driven solution not only solved the challenge of overflowing waste bins but also positioned Milton as a model for sustainable waste management. The use of LoRaWAN network-connected sensors showcased the town’s commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility, setting a precedent for other communities seeking efficient and eco-friendly waste solutions. It’s our hope to expand to 100’s more locations soon. 

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Enhancing comfort

Employing IOT in a Yoga/Physio Clinic

Challenge: Evolution Data, a leader in IoT solutions, took on the challenge of improving the environment at a Yoga and Physiotherapy clinic housed in an aging building. The clinic faced ongoing issues with air circulation, heating, and cooling, hindering its ability to provide an optimal setting for wellness activities.

Solution: Evolution Data implemented a comprehensive solution incorporating IoT components and a live Dashboard to target specific challenges at the clinic.

Evolution Data’s solution involved strategic deployment of IoT components and a live Dashboard to address specific challenges: 

1. Air Quality + Temp Sensors: These sensors continuously monitored air quality, providing real-time data for adjustments to create an optimal environment for activities. 

2. Leak Detection System: Advanced sensors detected water leaks promptly, triggering alerts for swift intervention, thus safeguarding the clinic’s assets and structural integrity. 

3. Automated Lighting: Smart lighting systems adapted to the clinic’s schedule and activities, enhancing ambiance and contributing to energy efficiency. 

The implementation of these IoT solutions led to a significant improvement in the clinic’s environment. The system effectively regulated temperature, overcoming challenges posed by the aging infrastructure. Yoga enthusiasts and physiotherapy patients now enjoy a comfortable and conducive environment that promotes well-being and enhances their overall experience. 

Furthermore, the clinic benefited from cost savings due to energy-efficient lighting and preserved its assets through proactive leak detection. Evolution Data’s innovative IoT solutions not only addressed immediate challenges but also positioned the clinic for a technologically advanced and sustainable future. 

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