About Us

Originally established in 2015, as iLEAGUE GROUP inc. (iLeague Wireless) we had mission to connect the connected world, that hasn’t changed. In 2021, we made the bold step to rebrand our identity and “Evolve” into our new name and path forward. We are now Evolution Data, a diversified wholesaler of IOT connectivity, hardware and other mobile enabled services. We are a small firm who’s focus is to help small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) succeed in the IOT space.

One of the key factors of a successful IoT implementation is having a trusted partner, a one-stop shop that can provide guidance throughout a deployment and understand the nuances of IoT applications and their respective connectivity needs.  Enter Evolution Data.  A partner that will help your business EVOLVE to meet these connectivity needs.  

Connectivity is the link between IoT devices and cloud-based applications that aggregate, analyze and manage the information produced. Without robust and reliable connectivity, IoT devices are unable to transmit data from the field in a timely fashion.  We solve your connectivity questions – How do you know what connectivity options to choose? How can you ensure predictable data costs while maximizing performance? How can you get your IoT solution up and running quickly and easily? How can you guarantee the security of the data you transmit?

Our Mission

Our mission is to simplify the world of connectivity for businesses, empowering them to stay connected, competitive, and focused on what they do best

Our Leadership

Awesome People Behind Us

Jason Rhule

Founder & CEO

Claudia Camaya

VP, Operations

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