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Helping you to create IoT Solutions that work for your business

We provide you and your company with IoT expertise and services that will accelerate your projects and ensure long-lasting success.

We specialize in developing and implementing individualized IoT solutions for a multitude of industries around the world.  

Partnerships to Propel You Forward

Future-Focused IoT Consulting

Consulting You Can Count On

Our Process

Customized for You

Starting with us first strongly increases the likelihood for success and leveraging our expertise will get you to market faster

We begin by consulting with you in order to determine the needs and limits of your business, and work alongside you to develop a customized IoT blueprint for your solution.

We can act as technical experts or engage the right partner, to help you assemble the pieces of your solution. If it’s outofthe box or customized it’s important to understand the requirements
associated with each aspect, so that you can make informed decisions before you hit the market.

We help build the integrated connectivity program for devices/ solution including management, restrictions, deployment and coverage requirements. With our comprehensive mobile data SIM services, we adopt a personal and simplified approach so connectivity concerns becomes nonexistent and you can focus on the core solution.

Our team will assist in setting up access to backend support tools for both connectivity and billing to ensure you can effectively support your customers.

We can provide additional ongoing support either on the hardware or software side depending on scope and desired services levels.

Helping you to create and implement the IoT solutions that are right for you, and only you

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Partnerships to Propel You Forward

Evolution Data has developed strong partnerships with the likes of software developers, hardware integration companies, global chip manufacturers, and more to better serve you and meet the needs of your business.

We strive to act as your one-stop-shop for all things IoT, taking care of the bulk of your needs and providing and facilitating outside connections when necessary. Our reach spans the globe and includes only the most skilled and reliable partnerships, as part of our dedication to providing you top-of-the line IoT solutions and solution implementation. 

Future-Focused IoT Consulting

The IoT industry is immense, and it’s only growing. We’re seeing an acceleration in the innovation and production of IoT devices and solutions, and here at Evolution Data we’re committed to providing future-focused solutions and consulting for your business.

The coming years will see an influx of new IoT devices, and it’s our job to prepare our clients to capitalize on those developments and stay ahead of the curve in terms of IoT technologies. 

Our consulting services will prepare you for where the IoT industry is headed and set you up to take full advantage of its rapid growth and exciting innovations.

Consulting You Can Count On

Evolution Data has over 15 years of experience in the IoT industry. Not only do we devise and implement solutions, but we employ and set up devices, guiding you along the way.

Our services include the setup, management, and configuration of mobile devices according to your specific needs and IoT solutions. We specialize in single use (kiosk mode) devices in particular but have experience with a broad range of devices and configurations.