Types of IoT SIM Cards and Their Functions in IoT Devices

For IoT deployments, IoT SIM card technology offers multi-network access. This SIM card is designed to function in a different way – ensuring internet connection between IoT connected devices.

How Do IoT SIM Cards Work?

IoT SIM card connects to a network and transmits data between IoT devices and IoT platform. Traditional SIM cards can serve this purpose, but it is not ideal for use in IoT solutions. This is because IoT SIM cards offer some functions that meet the needs of IoT solutions. IoT devices require a secure and reliable connection to function at all times, therefore, these cards are a great solution.

Furthermore, IoT SIM cards enable data plan aggregation, which makes IoT projects cost-effective. These cards are designed to withstand harsh conditions and extreme temperatures. Most IoT project managers tackle security when it comes to IoT technology. Therefore, it is important to always keep your IoT devices and IoT SIMs secure.

Types of IoT SIM Models

IoT SIM has three different models which are:

Industrial IoT SIMs

These SIM cards are particularly designed to tolerate extreme temperatures, corrosion, vibrations, and other harsh conditions.

Standard IoT SIMs

Although these SIM cards are designed to for use in IoT devices, they are similar to traditional SIM Cards. Standard IoT SIMs are ideal for IoT devices used in less harsh environments.

Automotive IoT SIMs

These SIM cards are more durable than standard SIM cards. Automotive IoT SIMs can withstand more extreme temperatures, shock, harsh weather, and vibrations. Connected motor vehicles are often exposed to more harsh conditions.

How to Choose the right SIM for IoT Devices

Size is a factor to consider when choosing IoT SIM Cards. Just like traditional SIMs, IoT SIMs are available in different sizes.

Embedded SIM

eSIMs are a popular choice for IoT devices. They are directly embedded in IoT devices, so they don’t need any installment.


Nano SIMs are specifically designed for small IoT devices. They are not an ideal option for devices used in harsh environments.

Micro SIM

You can use this SIM card in portable devices like smart health, tablets, and more.


This SIM card measures 25mm x 15mm x 0.76mm. Mini SIMs are usually utilized in vending machines and vehicles.

Full size

A full size is as big as a credit card. It is the largest SIM card. Due to its big size, it isn’t used in modern devices.


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