Unleashing the Power of IoT: Transforming Everyday Life with Smart Devices

The Internet of Things is transforming all sorts of industries to become more efficient and sustainable, with manufacturing being one of the most affected sectors. But outside of production and our professional lives, where can we expect to see the novel benefits of IoT in our personal day-to-day? 

Let’s examine some of the creative applications of IoT that you could experience in a day’s journey.


Waking Up

Let’s start with your basic morning routine. 

The alarm you’ve set engages your smart lights by gently raising their brightness and, with a voice command, the coffeemaker begins percolating. 

Most are already familiar with how smart home devices can create a comfortable environment for you to start your day, but IoT can help your pets be their best, too. Smart feeders have already kept your furry pal fed so that you can start your day on your own schedule. 

Once you’re up, you can check in on your pet’s wellbeing from an easy-to-use dashboard that records activity, calorie intake, and more, so that you’re always informed of any changes in their health. After you’ve arrived at work, you can still keep in touch with your pets through interactive cameras that can even pair with feeders to deliver a well-deserved treat. 



Once you’re home from work, you may want to squeeze in a workout. 

With smart apparel and footwear that monitors your performance in real time, you can improve your technique to avoid injury and get the most from your exercise. If yoga’s your thing, smart yoga mats can sense and guide your movements to give you the benefits of having a personal instructor in your home. 

IoT-connected devices can also be applied to team-based sports to help you and your teammates improve your performance, based on IoT-driven insights provided to your coaches. If you’re a football player and you’ve been working on getting the perfect spiral, for instance, a football outfitted with a smart sensor can analyze your angles and spin rates so that you can practice with intention and impress the team when gametime rolls around. A smart connected basketball can track your shots, form and dribbling all in real time.  It’s like a having a shooting coach with you all the time.  


Going Out

As the weekend approaches, you and your friends are thinking of going out to a museum or gallery to check out the newest installations. On the way there, you’re surprised by your city’s newest IoT-powered pedestrian crossing. LEDs shine on the road with markers that help drivers slow, stop, and proceed while guiding you and your friends safely across. Monitoring cameras recognize vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians while determining their, speed, trajectory, and location to prevent incident.  

At the gallery, it’s recommended that you download the gallery’s new app. You and your friends decide to try it out. Utilizing the same technology as navigation and traffic software, this newly downloaded application helps you maneuver the gallery while guiding you to the exhibits which are of most interest to you. Wireless sensors throughout the building are used to create a virtual map for your reference. You find a piece particularly intriguing and notice a smart label below it, which when scanned provides you with information on the piece, the artist, and their portfolio. An augmented reality overlay utilizing your phone’s camera in-app can make this process even more engaging.



After a fun-filled day, you’re finally home and ready to call it a night. Your dog is happily snoozing and well-fed thanks to his smart feeder. 

Feeling inspired by your gallery-going, you decide to try your hand at painting before bed. Using an IoT-connected virtual reality painting tool, you can make all the mess you want without having to worry about the clean-up. Apps in virtual reality can even help you learn different artistic techniques if a certain gallery piece has really left you inspired. 

Finally wiped-out, you head for bed. With a single voice command, you dim the lights, slightly lower the temperature for the perfect sleep, and make sure that your home is locked up and secure for the night. You can rest easy after another day made more exciting by the Internet of Things. 

The Internet of Things brings about countless opportunities for streamlining various parts of your day and enhancing your experiences, no matter your particular responsibilities and interests. The possibilities and potentials of IoT are only just getting started, and we can’t wait to see how the world continues to transform in the coming years.

To learn more about how the Internet of Things can transform both your professional and personal life, contact us at Evolution Data. 

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