Refrigerated trucks make up an essential link in the global supply chain and are crucial to maintaining the cold chain – the transport of low-temperature items. Although we may initially think of fresh produce and food items when discussing refrigerated trucks, there are all kinds of valuable commodities which require the maintenance of a specified temperature. The refrigerated transportation of COVID vaccines is one such recent example. With such precious cargo, refrigerated trucks need to be protected from harmful fluctuations in temperature. Fortunately, the use of IoT solutions to monitor refrigeration can decrease the likelihood of adverse conditions.

As a truck and its trailer progress on their designated route, they will travel through different temperatures and risk absorbing external heat. An IoT monitoring system is able to relay data concerning internal temperature changes in real-time. So if a certain climate begins to affect refrigeration, drivers and logistics managers can make informed decisions about routes and refrigeration levels in real-time to protect the assets in transportation. Real-time alerts also help these individuals take note of any areas of the truck which may be affected by compromised insulation. No matter the monitoring system aboard the truck, the items being loaded also need to be pre-cooled. Accordingly, it is advantageous to monitor a commodity’s temperature from loading to unloading if possible.

An IoT monitoring system also protects refrigerated trucks from human error and outdated temperature gauges. Human shippers and receivers are susceptible to misreading or faultily recording data related to temperature whereas an IoT solution can deliver constant precision. Those on the shipping and receiving end also can’t sit-in and monitor the cargo for temperature fluctuations as it travels, but a monitoring system can. When a problem related to cooling arises and the cargo’s temperature falls outside the acceptable range, then an alert can be sent to both drivers and managers so that any issues can be dealt with before they compound.

Current IoT solutions for refrigerated trucks on the market typically entail wireless temperature sensors with a decades-long battery life that can easily be installed into cargo compartments. These sensors can receive and send data through 3G and 4G connections to a server to allow for real-time monitoring. IoT sensors also allow for the accurate monitoring of multiple temperature points throughout the compartment and immediately notify users when the temperature range is compromised. All of this information is displayed on an easy-to-use user interface which can be accessed either online or from a mobile device.

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