Emerging Technologies in Fleet Management

Emergent technologies in fleet management are allowing managers to boost efficiency, savings, and sustainability within their companies. From fueling considerations to monitoring systems and AI capabilities, the world of transportation and logistics can expect to see some huge benefits thanks to these nascent technologies in the near future. Even now, the application of such tech is streamlining fleet management efforts. .;[

Innovations in Fuel Management

When it comes to fuel management, monitoring systems and energy alternatives are cutting expenses. IoT software helps drivers limit their fuel usage by taking the most fuel-efficient routes as they transport their cargo. At the same time, research and development invested into biofuels is leading to the creation of clean-burning renewable fuels that will allow fleets to choose more sustainable, affordable fuel options over expensive fossil fuels. By using biofuels such as soybean biodiesel in conjunction with selective catalytic reduction technology, fleets can limit the emission of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, particulate matter, and sulfates. 

IoT Fleet Tracking

Telematics are used in fuel management to alert drivers and managers of their energy usage, but they also facilitate a number of additional innovative IoT applications that fleet managers can use to their advantage. For instance, tracking fleets has never been easier thanks to LPWAN tech (LTE M, NBIOT and LoRAWAN) and low-earth orbit satellites. With such robust connectivity options, the conditions of individual vehicles can be relayed to managers so that they can make proactive decisions concerning routes, maintenance, and more. This telematic data can all be accessed from easy-to-use phone-based apps that can record a driver’s hours of service, provide document management, help with pre-trip inspections, and streamline the proof of delivery process. 

Automated Compliance Solutions

IoT also presents opportunities to streamline repetitive compliance procedures involved in the transportation business, simplifying tedious tasks for drivers and managers. Automated vehicle tracking, reporting, and driver monitoring ensure regulatory compliance while electronic logging devices accurately report a driver’s hours of service. Automating compliance delivers greater accuracy and frees up drivers to focus on their shipments, increasing overall efficiency. 

Artificial Intelligence Applications

As we’re seeing drastic advancements in the fields of augmented reality and AI technologies, we’re also seeing innovative applications of those technologies with regards to fleet performance. While IoT sensors can identify potential equipment failures within a fleet vehicle, AI dash cams reduce the potential of accidents caused by outside variables. These AI cams can track drivers and even identify driving habits which are most likely to cause accidents. Evidence recorded by dash cams also provide managers with ease of mind when accidents go to court. 

Augmented reality tech effectively streamlines driving, maintenance, and inventory tasks, producing simpler and more efficient processes. Augmented reality glasses can facilitate loading processes by scanning inventory, but they can also make driver training more effective. Using virtual or augmented reality can help novice drivers identify potential hazards and learn how to respond to risky scenarios in a safer way. 

IOT Sensors

With the increasingly available advance sensors on the market, it’s becoming easier to install, manage and pull data remotely from critical shipments.  The uncertainty of the condition of your cargo as shipper can be reduced by implementing a simple sensor or 3 to manage the condition, location mediate any potential risk that moving expensive cargo my present. 

The World of Fleet Management is Rapidly Evolving

With such emerging technologies being used today to heighten fleet performance on economic, environmental, and human levels, one can only wonder what the future of the logistics industry will look like as tech continues to evolve. To learn more about such technologies and IoT applications within the world of fleet management, contact us at Evolution Data.

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