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At Evolution Data, we keep our eyes on the future. We value simplicity and cost-efficiency in the services we provide to our clients.  We act as your partner, providing the most up-to-date and cutting-edge solutions available as technologies continue to evolve.  Evolution Data offers future-focused, client-focused, world class solutions to help our clients do business on a global scale in this ever-changing world of technology and mobile data.

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We dedicate ourselves to always staying at the forefront of evolutions within technology and connectivity, remaining well-versed in all options available.  As our clients grow and change so too do their needs, and Evolution Data is dedicated to evolving right alongside you to provide the best possible solutions every step of the way.

Making connectivity simple, affordable, and easy.

Big players in the connectivity industry have a stronghold on pricing and service contracts, and charge “rack rate” prices which may not fit your needs.  Evolution Data designs creative solutions to provide services that benefit you, and our prices always reflect the value that we bring to your business.

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Connecting the connected world with service and technology

No matter what industry, we can tailor our services to your unique needs. 


Our experience and vast network in the technology industry makes us a perfect fit to act as your partner. We specialize in connectivity, but our knowledge extends far beyond, equipping us to lead any IOT initiative.


Our clients often need a complete solution involving hardware, setup and security. We source and provide provisioning services to our clients, simplifying their deployments.


We provide automation and visibility, allowing you to see your data usage in realtime to manage costs, or if you prefer we can notify you when certain limits have been reached. This allows you to focus on growing and scaling, rather than connectivity.

IoT Market Growth | 2019 - 2030

Projected Growth


IoT revenue in 2030


IoT connected device in 2030 

Did you know?

  • The IoT market is one of the fastest growth areas of the global economy?
  • Remote asset monitoring and control is largest use case for IoT services
  • There are more IoT Hardware devices on Earth than people! 
IoT Services Revenue
IoT Hardware Revenue

IoT industry

Within the fast paced world of connected devices there are 3 major IoT focused use cases. 

1. Vertical specific – solutions i.e Smart Farming (500 billion)

2. Consumer IoT – i.e Nest thermostat  (652 billion)

3. Cross Vertical – ie. Smart building (365 billion)

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