A Canadian based services provider specializing in iOT data, hardware, mobile security and consulting. canadian flag

We believe in connecting "things" to the Internet to improve lives.

What we do

The Evolution begins now


Our experience and vast network in the technology industry makes us a perfect fit to act as your partner. We specialize in connectivity, but our knowledge extends far beyond, equipping us to lead any IOT initiative.


Our clients often need a complete solution involving hardware, setup and security. We source and provide provisioning services to our clients, simplifying their deployments.


We provide automation and visibility, allowing you to see your data usage in realtime to manage costs, or if you prefer we can notify you when certain limits have been reached. This allows you to focus on growing and scaling, rather than connectivity.


Our integrated IOT connectivity management portal

This portal is designed to meet the management and oversight needs of our clients with improved visual reporting and dashboards. We have worked closely with our customers to unlock, all the important features required to effectively manage large SIM deployments.  Darwin is the Evolution of your data visualized

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